11-ый международный 3D-арчери марафон «100 зверей»
Мероприятие уже закончилось.
11-ый международный 3D-арчери марафон «100 зверей»

21 Октября 2017 — 7:30
22 Октября 2017 — 16:00

Отель "Привал", Подлабенский сельский совет 35/1, Гродненская область, Беларусь

Просмотров  447
Взнос  15-40 Евро

Tournament based on the cooperation of the Belarusian archery club «Archery Club Belarus», archery club of Lithuania «Gintarine ‘Strele» and Estonia «Mägilased», with the support of the «Belarusian Archery Federation» and The recreation center «Halt»

This year the Marathon for 3D archery «100 Animals (Highland Hunter)» will be held in the Belarus!

Date: 2017.10.20–22
Place: Belarus, Grodno area, hotel «Prival»
GPS: 53.696396, 23.772575


October 20
17.00 — 24.00 Arrival and registration of participants

October 21
7.30 — 8.00 Breakfast, registration of participants/Transfer of participants from the place of accommodation to the place of the competition
8.00 — 9.30 Training/technical commission
9.30 — 9.45 Opening ceremony
10.00 — 13.30 Marathon 100 Animals / Highland Hunter 2017
13.30 — 14.30 Lunch
14.30 — 18.00 Marathon 100 Animals / Highland Hunter 2017
18.30 — 20.00 Dinner
20.00 — 22.00 Winner ceremony, entertainment.

October 22
7.30 — 8.00 Breakfast/Transfer of participants from the place of accommodation to the place of the competition
8.30 — 9.30 Training
10.10 — 14.00 Super Bowl «Highland Hunter 2017»
14.00 — 15.00 Lunch
15.00 — 16.00 Winner ceremony
*The program is subject to change.

Marathon «100 Animals / Highland Hunter» rules are based on IFAA — WBHC rules and modified according to this competition.

The missing paragraphs from the rules of «100 Animals / Highland Hunter» (e.g. safety, archer’s behavior etc.) are described in the rules of IFAA and WBHC.

The participant who has collected most points in the classes Longbow /Historical will choose the character-animal for the Marathon «100 Animals» in 2018, and is also exempted from paying the fee next year.



If paid before October 1, 12:00 pm

 — The participants 13 years and older are charged € 40;
 — Children up to 13 years — € 15;

If you pay from 2 to 20 October:

 — The participants 13 years and older are charged € 50;
 — The children under 13 years — € 20;
Entry fee for participation in the marathon of the Team — € 30. (Registration of teams according to the rules is conducted at the tournament secretary before the start of the marathon).

Payment of contributions is made in Belarusian rubles at the rate of the National Bank of Belarus on the day of payment.

Starting fees are accepted in cash from the organizers of the competition.

For information on payment of contributions, please contact us:
e-mail: [email protected]


Pre-information on nutrition of participants will be available later.


Reservation property is centralized org. committee, according to your request on the registration form.

Accommodation options, description, prices can be seen at the link below!
-> HOTELS <--



For foreign athletes to enter the territory of the Republic of Belarus there are simplified options for visa-free entry in the zone of the Augustow Canal, where the tournament will be held (border crossing points «Raigardas — Privalka», «The Forge — Bruzgi», «Rudavka — Forest», «Švendubrė -Privalka») and the National Airport of Minsk.

For more information, please contact the organizers of the tournament:
[email protected]
Please contact us in advance.


Transfer will be organized free of charge from the place of settlement to the tournament place (Saturday — morning, evening, Sunday — morning, evening).

If necessary, transfer from Minsk to Grodno will be organized according to your preliminary requests.
Transfer is provided by the organizers of the tournament.

Transfer from Minsk to Grodno leaves October 20 in the evening, October 22 Grodno-Minsk. The exact time will be later depending on the applications submitted.

Место проведения

Отель "Привал", Подлабенский сельский совет 35/1, Гродненская область, Беларусь

Координаты для навигатора: 53.696396,23.772575

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